13 Year Old Boy Completes Godfather Swim

A 13 year old boy has become the youngest person to make the legendary “Godfather” swim across Lake Tahoe in California.

James Savage made the 12 mile swim from Cave Rock to the Godfather Mansion Homewood in just under seven hours and is the youngest person to complete this swim.

Savage began competitively swimming when he was five years old. He said completing the “Godfather” swim is the second feat in what is known as the “Tahoe Triple Crown.” James completed the first task, the 10.5 mile “Vikingsholm Swim” from Cave Rock to Emerald Bay in 2019. The final task is the 21.3 mile swim. Savage will be the youngest person to have completed the Tahoe Triple Crown, breaking the record.https://youtu.be/i_YpdpBZSQY