15 DIY Christmas Centerpieces To Fill Your Home With Glee

There is so much money being spent during the holiday season. Presents, elaborate food, and decorations - the list seems to go on and on. Why add another expense to your list and buy centerpieces for your holiday table, when you can come up with creative ones all on your own? If you’re trying to find ways to draw your family and friends to your Christmas table this year, here are 15 easy DIY Christmas centerpiece ideas that will do just that!

Left Over Ornaments? No Problem!

center1Do you have some left over ornaments that didn’t make it to the tree this year? Use them! Grab that silver-serving bowl that has been collecting dust in your cabinet, line the bottom with some garnish, and add those ornaments on top. Now, you have a vibrant centerpiece that your friends will surely think you bought!

Candy Cane Creativity

center2You can create a simple, yet stunning centerpiece with just a few supplies! Grab a rectangular flower vase, a hot glue gun, some candy canes, and red carnations. Glue the candy canes around the outside of the vase and fill it with the red carnations. Now, you have a cheap, easy, and beautiful Christmas centerpiece!

Old Serving Dish Made New

center3Use that serving dish that you have been using for every holiday dinner. Instead of serving food on it, decorate it! You can add leftover ornaments, votive candles, some garnish, or carnations. Whatever idea you have will look perfectly on this dish!

Recycled Wreath Centerpiece


When you go out to replace the wreath you bought last year because it endured the harsh winter conditions, don’t trash it! This can be restored and wind up being a beautiful addition to your Christmas table. Just trim the straggler branches, add a couple of bows, and place a candle in the middle!

Hurricane Candles That Will Take The Table By Storm


Hurricane candleholders can be purchased for a minimal expense if you don’t already have a few, as well as some holiday stickers from your local craft store. You can stick the decals on the hurricane holders, which will add some flare to your table!

Christmas Card Display


Do you have some Christmas cards that really touched your heart? Did you save any that you received from last year? If so, you now have a centerpiece idea! Gather some mid-sized twigs from the yard and arrange them in a slightly larger vase. Then, punch some holes in the Christmas cards and tie them to the branches. You can add some ribbon or bows for extra flare!

Mini Tree Centerpiece


Remember during your college days where decorating for the holidays consisted of putting a miniature tree on your end table? Say no more! Grab that mini tree out from storage and place it in the center of your table! If the table is near an outlet, plug it in for added pizazz. If it’s not near an outlet, not to worry! Just tie some ribbons and bows on it to make it extra beautiful.

Ornament Candlestick Decorations


Take some red and silver ornaments, grab your hot glue gun, and glue the ornaments to the tops of old candlesticks. You can arrange them beautifully throughout the table, without having to spend extra money on a centerpiece!

Don’t Let Those Burnt Out Bulbs Go To Waste


Instead of tossing those burnt out Christmas lights, recycle and reuse them! You can arrange them nicely in a clear bowl for the center of your table. For added effect, put a candle in the center. If you don’t have a candle, the array of holiday colored bulbs in the bowl will be just fine!

Paper Tree Display

center10Have leftover wrapping paper? Use it! You can easily create pyramid shaped displays that resemble trees! Use different paper throughout for added color, and you’ll have a creative and beautiful centerpiece.

Berry Red Display

center11Leftover berries from the pie you just baked are perfect accents to any table. Get your berries, a glass bowl or dish, and a flower. Fill the bowl with the berries, place the flower in the center, and there you have it! A beautiful centerpiece!

Mini Winter Wonderland

center12Do you have cotton balls, a mini cloche, and a snowman ornament? Then you have the fixings for a centerpiece! Take your cotton balls and make a small bed for the snowman ornament to sit on. Then, take the cloche and place it over the top of the snowman and the snow bed. Now you have a mini winter wonderland!

Family Focus Centerpiece

center13Ever want to relive the holidays from the past? Your kids were young and still believed in Santa, and now they’re off to college and only return during the holidays. What better way to relive memories than with a makeshift picture centerpiece? Take some old photos from over the years, put them on memo clips, and place them on dishes with flowers or tinsel to accent.

Glasses Filled With Sparkle

center14Take some tall, clear glasses and fill them with leftover beads or tinsel, or a combination of both! You can also add some garnish to get some splashes of green, which make your table look even more elegant.

Tray Chic

center15Grab your vintage-serving tray that your grandmother gave to you and spice it up! The serving tray acts as an amazing centerpiece alone, so add some garnish, candles, pine cones, or whatever you feel like in the moment! It will be sure to turn out beautifully.