6 Military Reunion Videos That Will Fill You With Joy This Veterans Day!

Words can’t describe the flood of emotions that hit us when we see our loved ones return from a long trip. No matter how many emails or FaceTime messages you send, that special moment when you hug your spouse, child, or furry best friend is simply second to none!

With so many soldiers still abroad, our Military families know the importance of a hug all too well. These reunion videos remind us just how wonderful life can be when the people we love are at home, safe and sound, and in our arms.

In honor of Veterans Day, take a look at of our favorite reunions videos, plus some of the latest moments that you might have missed!

A Football Homecoming to Remember

Watch as this Missouri football cheerleader sees her quarterback return home serving the US in South Korea.

The Best School Day Ever!

This high school teen thinks she’s heading to detention when her principal calls her into his office for a surprise she definitely did not expect!

This Massive Hug Is Long Overdue

One of the best reactions on YouTube comes from a young girl whose arms immediately fly into her stepfather.

Aw, When Your Pup Remembers!


Check out this crazy pup that just goes wild for a soldier returning home from Afghanistan.

Nothing Can Separate Young Hearts

Young love is a powerful thing. Watch Ed Sheeran serenade this soldier and his girlfriend when he returns home.

Daughters and Their Love for Their Father

The eldest of 3 little girls is frozen with tears before following her sisters into the arms of their father!