A Mom's Review: 3-Ply Kids Face Masks from Hope Health Supply

Like many of my fellow moms, I was extremely worried about my children going back to school this fall. Young kids are being expected to wear the mask 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I’ve been struggling to find a reliable company that provides the highest quality masks for their everyday needs. I did my own version of summer reading, and scoured reviews on the Internet for an affordable and highly-rated childrens’ mask. Finally, I came across Hope Health Supply!

It was honestly like an answer to my prayers! The kids 3-ply masks were super affordable and definitely within my family’s budget--who can beat 20 masks for $19.99? For those of us with mommy brain (that would be all of us), Hope Health Supply offers a monthly subscription service for 15% off of the normal price. A mask subscription service is truly the 2020 version of “Set It and Forget It.” I get an email each month letting me know when my new order has been shipped and is on my way and I don’t need to add masks to my shopping list anymore!

The kids' masks conveniently come in pink, blue, white, and black. This might seem like a small detail, but it’s perfect for my child who decides they have a new favorite color everyday. These masks are made for our little ones in mind and provide all day comfort and are easy to wear. I know back-to-school shopping lists look a teeeensy bit different this year, but I really feel peace of mind knowing there is a reliable U.S. based company that is able to provide secure masks for my children at a low cost. Now more than ever, Hope Health Supply’s message rings true, “We are in this together, keep each other protected.”

For 10% off of your purchase, use code MOMMYTHING at checkout!