After Four Years Of Saving, This Diabetic Boy Finally Received A Service Dog

Certified service dogs can usually cost up to a whopping $15,000, which is a lot of money to anyone--but it's especially difficult to save up for in change.

Jenni Heath

However, that didn't stop 8-year-old Aiden Heath. 4 years ago, he discovered that he had type 1 diabetes--but he also learned that he could get a service dog to help him manage the disease.

Although service dogs come with a hefty price tag, Aiden's mom Jenni told him to start saving his pennies and he would be able to afford one in no time.

Jenni Heath

Aiden accepted that challenge, and 4 years later in April 2016 he had managed to save up a remarkable $6,000 in change! His inspiring story gained him national news coverage, and soon strangers came together and crowdfunded another $20,000 for his dream dog.

After this extraordinary journey, they were able to adopt Angel--a chocolate Labrador who had passed all of her service tests.

Jenni Heath

As long as Angel is by Aiden's side, she will be able to smell his blood sugar drop thirty minutes before a diabetic monitor would ever register the change! Not to mention, she's the sweetest friend that he could ever ask for.

"Aiden looked at me and said, 'This is a dream,'" Jenni told ABC News.

How amazing is Aiden's story?

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