Barbie Encourages Viewers To Be In Touch With Their Emotions

Barbie is so much more than our favorite childhood doll--she’s a cultural icon. In this day and age, she has reached a new audience of children on Youtube. The “Barbie’s Vlogs” series has an insane amount of views and inspires children to be who they want to be. Many videos feature appearances by Barbie’s friends who we’ve met over the years.

In a recent video called “Making Sense of a New Routine,” Barbie and her friends touch on a serious topic in a way that encourages children to stay aware of how they’re feeling during coronavirus mayhem.

“I am just so full of so many emotions, I can get cranky!” Barbie says after breaking down what she’s been up to. “Days like this are hard, and sometimes, we’re just sad. And that’s OK, too.”

Barbie reminds her audience that it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and upset and it’s okay to miss aspects of our old life. She suggests different hobbies to pick up and adds tips on meditation to start your day off on a positive note.

“As the #1 girls channel on Youtube, Barbie has a powerful platform to speak to girls in a relatable format covering relevant, and sometimes complex, topics in a digestible and age-appropriate way. As parents and caregivers address new realities with their kids, our hope for Barbie’s latest vlog is to be a conversation starter amongst families,” said Lisa McKnight, senior vice president and global head of Barbie & Dolls at Mattel.

Barbie’s vlogs provide helping talking points for discussions with your children about their emotional needs during this time.