Glitter Gradient Fall Nails Tutorial

The season is changing and the smell of campfire and crisp leaves are finally filling the air! All I can think about is sitting by the flames with my blanket and my hands wrapping in a warm mug of apple cider. I love fall fashion; rockin’ chunky sweaters, riding boots and wool scarves. If you’re an accessory lover like me, dressing up your manicure is apart of the outfit.

We’ve literally fallen for this Autumn Leaves nail design tutorial; super fun, with plenty of room to go glam or keep it simple for the holidays. Usually, I keep the fancy nail art to the professionals, but this step-by-step guide to paint your own set of festive fallen leave fingertips was really easy. The only tricky part is finding your inner Van Gogh. Once you finish painting the leaves, it's time use your imagination to accent the leaves using different colors. Looking for more crafty fingertip ideas? You can have a flashy pumpkin patch nail designs, or try these adorable Thanksgiving Turkey Tail manis!

How to get fabulous fall glitter nails:

  1. Apply base color and let dry
  2. Add gold glitter nail polish on a small piece of sponge and dab on your tip of your nail, going upward.
  3. Apply top coat to smooth surface.
  4. For the leaves, paint the 2 leaves in the basic shape in one color.
  5. Use your imagination to add accent colors and small lines for the veins.
  6. When satisfied with your artwork, apply top coat and let dry.