Mom Makes Nap Time Exciting For Her Twin Toddlers

Who says nap time has to be boring? Certainly not this mom from Japan! Ayumi Omori has been documenting the many adventures of her twin toddlers, Ichika and Taichi, since they were just babies. Omori posts photos of her twins' creative costumes to her Instagram account, and now has an astounding 21.1k followers!

Omori has told Huffington Post that she finds inspiration for costume ideas by examining her toddlers' "sleeping poses." Nap time for Ichika and Taichi is always full of surprises - they can be anything from magicians to pirates!

The result? Absolutely adorable photos that everyone can enjoy! Check out some more of Ayumi Omori's creative snapshots, and make sure to follow the twins' many adventures on Instagram!

Sweet dreams, Ichika and Taichi!

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