Moms Create Video About Unrealistic Swimsuits

Alright everyone, this is not a drill. Swimsuit season is here. So, Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley of the channel “IMomSoHard” give us a look at this season’s "hottest" swimsuit looks.

Their video opens up with a look at traditional male beach attire--oversize t-shirts, and graciously-fitting swim trunks. “Move around, no nipple coming out.” Sounds like a bathing suit dream come true.

Alas, women don’t have it nearly as easy. The women in the video switch into bathing suits with ridiculous cutouts as they try to navigate the beach with their children. Smedley, in a ruffled teal monokini, dryly remarks, “Hmmm, I wonder if there’s a way to make your butt look too big, to really accentuate your love handles and make your bust feel inadequate?”

The comedians really hit the nail on the head as one by one they demonstrate just how ridiculous these bathing suit trends truly are.

On a more serious note, Hensley goes on to say, “I want my daughter to love her life and to love herself and she’s not gonna do it because I tell her to, she’s gonna do it because I teach her to.”

The video closes with the ever-relatable line, “I really want a revenge body, but I’ll take a f*cking attitude.”