Owners Discover That Their Long Lost Dog Has Become A Social Media Sensation

When a beloved pet goes missing, it's hard not to lose hope. Fortunately, for 13-year-old Captain Ron and his original owners, the senior dog found his happy ending after all.

Captain Ron is a rescue dog who lives at the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary in Tennessee and is a pretty huge sensation on the organization's Facebook page. He's so popular in fact, that his original owners actually spotted his photos and recognized him as their sweet Oscar who went missing from their farm two years ago!

The owners immediately contacted Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary explaining the situation about Oscar, and told the organization how happy they were to see him thriving in his golden years.

During the correspondence with Captain Ron's original owners, the sanctuary learned some fun facts and detailed information about his past -- like how he lost his one eye from Blastomycosis, and grew up on a farm with cows and sheep.

After the heartfelt exchange with the owners, the Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary shared a special post with their Facebook fans about Captain Ron's past.

"He was picked up as a stray, and because he was a senior with some health issues, he would not have made it out of the shelter alive once his three-day stray hold was up. We took him into our program and his original owner never found out what had happened to him."

Although his original owners have moved out of state and are unable to take him back, everyone is just happy to know that Captain Ron is doing well at the sanctuary and has truly found his forever home.

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