The Reason These Huggable Service Dogs Are Making Their Way To Dallas Will Bring A Smile To Your Face!

When tragedy struck in Dallas, Texas, last week the world was stunned by devastating violence. In a world in which it seems people are constantly at odds with one another, these four-legged friends are offering solace to the human race.


Trained comfort dogs from the nonprofit group Lutheran Church Charities (LCC) brought their brightest companions to Texas to help officers, victims, and witnesses cope with the heartbreaking shooting that occurred in their city.


"They're good listeners, they're confidential, they don't take notes, they're non-judgemental, and show unconditional love," says Tim Hetzner, LCC president. "That's what makes dogs safe for people to talk to."

These adorable canines are proud to provide their services to any person who needs their help in the wake of tragedy. And, as any pet lover will tell you, puppy hugs are the best kind of hugs.

The LCC Golden Retrievers have also visited victims of the Orlando shooting and Boston bombing. They've traveled to police stations, memorials, and any place they can to comfort those who are grieving.

Because, how can you not smile when you see the compassion in this dog's eyes?


"You can see it physically that many people are walking around rather stoic and when they see the dogs, they start talking," says Hetzner. "For a few moments, they were able to talk about something that wasn't about the shooting."

And when your whole life feels consumed by one devastating event like that, any moment you get to spend out of it is welcome.

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