These Cakes Are So Amazing You Won't Believe They're Real

Cake is the one food that's been there on every holiday, every birthday, every happy celebration of your life. It's a simple treat that sends your taste buds soaring and instantly flips your memory to joyful moments of nostalgia--like your 5th birthday party, or smashing cake in your hubby's face on your wedding day.

Sure, you've probably seen a decent amount of cake in your life. But, chances are, you've never seen cake like this! Forget what you knew about the standard sheet cake with a spongey base and super-sweet frosting. When you see these cakes you'll be in awe of the beautiful moments they capture so perfectly. Share these incredible baker's masterpieces with your friends, and tell us which one you'll be ordering for your next big day!

This Geographic Cake

Complete with crust, mantle, and core....

An Interstellar Masterpiece

The detail has us speechless.

Speaking Of Out Of This World...

This could not be more adorable.

These Beautiful Boxing Gloves

Check out that glaze. This is a knockout!

This Mystical Turtle

turtle-cake Yes, that's a melted marshmallow shell. No, we cannot resist.

The Edible Lego Cake

Complete with a frosting construction crew.

An Adorable Charmander Birthday Cake

Gotta catch 'em all!

For The Game Of Thrones Fanatic

This one takes the cake.

This "Accidentally" Delicious Combo

Cake + icing ice cream? Heaven.

A Jumbo-Sized Reese Cup

Peanut-buttery goodness.

These Perfectly-Folded Polos

For the neat, fashionable, cake-loving freak in all of us.

This Stunning Dragon Watching Over Treasure

Because chocolate coins are more valuable than gold.

For The Devote Bookworm

They'll be nose deep in delicious.

This Almost Too-Real Octopus

As long as the suction cups are fondant, we're good.

A Little Girl's Dream Cake

A rainbow unicorn too beautiful to eat!

The One You Can't Get Wet

Also, be sure not to eat it after midnight.

The Most Fantastic Mario Cake

Too cute!

This Masterful Minion Cake

We're hoping it's ban-an-a flavored!

This Scary-Real Python White Cake

Lethally sweet.

For Sandwich Lovers

Comes with pickles and chips.

The Taco-Obsessed...

This is truly a genius way to use licorice and coco puffs.

Burrito Fans

  Because Chipotle hasn't mastered "make your own cake" yet.

KFC Devotees

Rice Krispie drumsticks with mini marshmallows? Amazing!

... And Starbucks Addicts

This latte-donut-cookie-satchel cake is everything we ever dreamed of.

There's Help For The Indecisive

An old friend from Harry Potter will help sort out what flavor they want.

For The Friend Who Never Wraps Your Presents

This plain, brown box should suffice.

There's Cakes That Defy Gravity

Bonus: Two types of candy!

And Make Us Smile With Delight

Perfectly polka-dotted deliciousness.

This Life-Size Mike Wazowski Cake

Birthday boy/girl gets the eye!

An Adorable Cookie Monster Cake

Let's hope he shares the chocolate chip!

This Enchanting Scene From "Up"

So many Skittles, so little time.

An Epic Star Trek Cake

Superfans may have a hard time biting into this one!

For Better, Or For Die-Hard


For The Friend With Expensive Taste

Only the finest cake will do.

And Big Kids With Even Bigger Imaginations

This Adventure Time cake is rainbow-filled amazement!

Cheese Lovers Will Appreciate This Wheel

It's surprisingly more affordable than the real thing.

... Or This Extra "Cheesy" Cake

We're still trying to figure this one out.

Pasta-Lovers Will Be Tempted To Dig Into This One

Remind them to refrain from twirling.

Or If Your Sweet Tooth Can't Decide

Have it all... and your cake, too!

Delight Your Christmas Guests With Bite-Size Bulbs

Nothing says "merry" like mini cakes.

Set Sail With A Nautical Treat


This Cake Will Captivate Nature-Lovers


And This One Will Appeal To Even The Healthiest Eaters

Got ya.

Cakes Can Always Make Us Smile...

Break me off a piece of that chocolate cake!

Surprise Us...


... And Make Us Dream

We're still in awe.

There's A Cake For Every Occasion

First ball game celebration? Cake, please.

Some Are Spooky

Those are some killer strawberries!

Some Are Heartfelt

We're in love.

They're A Bite Of Joy On A Cloudy Day

Could this mug cake be more perfect?

And Fill Us With Happiness

... without saying much.