These Trending Colors Are The Perfect Paints For Your Dream Home!

Choosing the best color can be an exhausting task! Before you haul those heavy buckets to your living room or bathroom, take a look at some of the favorite shades of the year.

You won't believe which colors are back and trending!

Paradise Found - PPG Paints

PPG- Paradise Found

Pittsburgh Paints has an extensive Greens color family and one of the best selling shades is the Paradise Found PPG1135-5. It’s the perfect shade to use if you’re looking for a soft shade that reflects the greens of nature. Some love this color in their kitchen and even their patio.

STOP - Sherwin Williams

STOP Sherwin-Williams

This is a high gloss favorite for homeowners who want to make a fun and bold statement. It’s the perfect shade for a children’s bedroom or a front door.

Simply White - Benjamin Moore


Homeowners are always skeptical to pick white as a theme. But, it’s actually the most versatile hue around. This simply white can match almost any theme in both traditional and modern homes.

Luxe Dimension - Behr

Behr- Luxe Dimension

This bold orange named Coralette is the perfect shade to create high contrast for a living room or office. It’s part of the Luxe Dimensions line, which sets out to create colors that make rooms feel brighter and more spacious.

Horizon Grey - Kelly Moore Paints

Kelly-Moore Paints- Horizon Gray

Gray is hitting every home in America and Horizon Gray KM4858 is a new favorite for homeowners that are looking for a soft and calm color. It’s best for living rooms and bedrooms.

Brinjal - Farrow & Ball

BRINJAL Farrow & Ball

Shades of purple are finding their way back into powder rooms and this perfect plum is great for bathrooms that get a lot of sunshine.

Cappuccino White - Glidden

Glidden- Cappuccino White

Shades of white are taking over kitchens and living rooms and Cappuccino White 45YY 74/073 is at the top of the list for many designers. It’s a peaceful shade that offers a creamy complement for bright kitchens.

Dusk - Restoration Hardware

DUSK Restoration Hardware

Dusk is a darker shade that designers love for more masculine bedrooms and even family rooms that use bright accents and wood furnishings.

Monroe Bisque - Benjamin Moore

MONROE BISQUE Benjamin Moore

You can never go wrong with a nice neutral color and Monroe Bisque is a great shade that you can mix and match with any accent color.

Old Navy - Benjamin Moore

OLD NAVY Benjamin Moore

If you’re looking for a true blue, then Old Navy is the color for you. It’s perfect for an accent wall in your den or office!

Blue Cloud - Olympic


Blue Cloud gives off a deep blue that experts recommend matching it with brighter hues or neutral tones. It may be bold for some rooms but never underestimate the power of an accent wall.

Pale Powder - Farrow & Ball

PALE POWDER Farrow & Ball

Pale Powder is an elegant choice for any room in your home. It’s a fantastic shade of blue and gray that works perfectly with whites and creams.

Simply Perfect – Valspar


Valspar has four fantastic gray colors including Simply Perfect that can work well as a neutral color with bright accents.

Whythe Blue – Benjamin Moore

WYTHE BLUE Benjamin Moore

This fantastic shade can work in any room. From your kitchen to your bedroom, it’s the perfect mix of green, gray, and blue that can work with numerous accents and other calm neutral colors.