This Grateful Bull Snuggles Up to His Rescuer Just Like a Big Puppy

Strong as an ox but sweet as a puppy dog! This young bull obviously doesn’t know his size, but that doesn’t stop him from cuddling with his new owner. Just like man’s best friend, Paul, a rescued bull who lives at this animal sanctuary, can’t hide the size of his heart. Snuggling and nestling up with his new best friend, Paul is a recent rescue at Hof Butenland. Paul will now spend his days at this German sanctuary, a facility that saves farm animals from slaughter and abuse.

No more fear and lack of affection. Gone are the days of branding, being another number on the block and waiting in line at the slaughterhouse. Now he can rest and live his cattle days grazing in pastures and getting the best ear rubs from his new caretakers. The sweet and pleasant bull can’t hide his gratitude. Begging for nose nuzzling and head scratches, Paul can’t get enough love. If this bull could talk, he would surely be saying, “Please don’t leave me, we’re not finished yet!” Watch the scene below, this video will warm your heart! For more loving photos and videos of happy animal rescues, visit the the Hof Butenland’s facebook page.