This Hilarious Grandpa Matches His Grandson In This Adorable Photo

We've all seen them on Facebook--the adorable photos new parents share of their baby's monthly progress. Some parents use stickers, others write on chalkboards--and for Mary Beth Valuk, she has decided to embroider a onesie for her son Luke to wear each month.

Hilarious Photo of Grandpa

But, for Luke's 9-month photo, Mary Beth decided to embroider two shirts this time--one for her son and one for his "Grampy," Bob. So, on Grampy's 57th birthday, he rocked this "684 Months" shirt like nobody's business!

“My dad has said to me for some time that he wanted a matching one for his birthday, so he and Luke could take a picture,” Mary Beth told The Huffington Post. She sent the photo to her husband, Matt, who then shared the hilarious image on Reddit.

Matt explained that he posted the photo before he went to sleep and woke up the next morning to discover a bunch of upvotes from the Reddit community.

If you're wondering how Bob feels about his claim to fame on Reddit, Matt says that he's enjoying every minute of it! “Grampy said he’s ‘blowing up like a Samsung phone’ and loved the fact he was ‘internet famous’ for a day.”