This Latest Food Recall Is NECESSARY For All Busy Moms To See ASAP!

Clif Bar is usually a great on-the-go treat for health nuts and moms alike. But this latest recall might send you right back to the place you last picked up the snack bar!

Clif Bar is recalling three varieties of their bars:

CLIF BAR Nuts & Seeds

Date range: June 8,2016-January 21, 2017

CLIF BAR Sierra Trail Mix


Date range: June 5, 2016-March 24, 2017

CLIF BAR Mojo Mountain Mix


Date range: June 16, 2016-February 2, 2017

The reason for the recall is due to listeria contamination in the bar's sunflower seeds.

Listeria can cause serious gastrointestinal issues, but is usually short-lived. Symptoms include fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, headaches, stiffness, and nausea.

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