This Uber Driver Raised Awareness For Animal Adoption In An Awesome Way

If you've ever taken an Uber, a driver is obviously to be expected in the vehicle--but what about adorable pups?

For these California passengers, that's exactly how they were greeted when driver Jonathan Guarano picked them up for their requested trips!

Guarano spoke to animal shelters in the Los Angeles area about his idea to raise awareness for animal adoption, and that's how Mocha and Beanut entered the story.

These two sweet local rescue pups tagged along on Guarano's drives and stole the hearts of every passenger that entered the car.

The intention of Guarano's fun idea was to remind his passengers that not only does adoption save innocent pets' lives, but it also provides you with a loving and devoted friend for life.

We sure wouldn't mind these fluffy friends accompanying us on our trips, how about you?

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