Three-Year-Old Girl Charms The Internet With Sheep Handling Video

A video of a young girl has stolen the hearts of the internet after she was shown expertly handling a large sheep.

Barley Brook Sellar, 3, is the star of the video who introduces herself and her sheep named Ethel. The video was filmed by the girl’s mother, Caitlin Jenkins, and has been viewed almost 2 million times.

Ethel begins to barge Barley, who like any good sheep handler, pushes the sheep back with her hips. Her mother asks her what kind of sheep Ethel is, to which Barley responds confidently, “White,” before answering that Ethel is a Border Leicester.

Barley begins to lead Ethel on a walk down the field at the family farm in Norfolk before turning back towards the camera. Caitlin asks Barley to bring Ethel to a stand and Barley expertly shows off her skills.

The video was filmed for a sheep handling class for children under the age of eight.

James Rebanks, a fell farmer and author, tweeted the video, writing that he had been judging the online sheep show.

“And I have to tell you that the young handlers under eight class was the cutest thing I have ever seen,” Rebanks wrote.

“I’ve never seen anyone command sheep with ‘STAND’. The sheep’s face is priceless.”

One children’s book illustrator, Jameela Whalgren, drew a picture of the pair with permission from Barley’s mother.

Many commenters also mentioned how brave little Barley is.

“Ethel is a bit of a bully, but no match for her tiny tot trainer.”