Virginia Woman Is Clipping Coupons To Feed The Needy

When most people think of couponing, they think of snipping a silly voucher that will save you a measly 50 cents on canned soup. But, for 29-year-old Lauren Puryear of Woodbridge, Virginia - the hobby means so much more than that.

Puryear is the creator of The Love Of Others, an organization that aims to assist people of all backgrounds "through providing opportunities to enable them to live a purposeful life," according to its website. She was inspired with the idea for The Love Of Others four years ago when her grandmother passed away, who always reminded Puryear the importance of helping others.

Since she started the organization, Puryear has been able to deliver 5,000 meals, and has set a goal to feed 30,000 by the time she sees her 30th birthday on Sept. 14th 2017. She says that if everything is done correctly and goes well, she can feed as many as 150 people with just $20!

The single mother of a five-year-old son holds four degrees, including a bachelor's, two masters, and a Ph.D. in psychology - but according to Puryear, "The joy of helping other people does not compare to any other accomplishment in my life."

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