When You See The ALARMING Amount Of Food Our Country WASTES Each Year You'll Wonder Why THIS Didn't Happen Sooner!

Say goodbye to the not-so-trusty "sniff test," your daily guessing game about if the milk is still good is about to come to an end! Confusing expiration dates are undergoing a serious refresh.

The U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives introduced a bill that will standardize expiration dates labels like "sell by", "expires on", "best used before", and "use by" to clarify the meaning for customers.

Instead of confusing you with these four different labels, The Food Date Labeling Act is narrowing down to two simple labels that tell you when to toss a product, and when the best day to eat it is.

The bill comes after mounting surveys show these labels cause Americans to throw away nearly $218 billion worth of food each year!

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