Youtube Video Encourages Us To Think About Our Post-Coronavirus World Through A Bedtime Story

Though the coronavirus pandemic has been undoubtedly a terrible global issue, it's also creating opportunities for people. While humans have been in their homes taking some time away from real life and examining their impact on the world, we have an unprecedented chance to decide if we want to return to “the way things were” or create a future all our own.

A video called “The Great Realisation” was uploaded to Youtube in late April by the channel Probably Tomfoolery. It's a four-minute video of rhyming poetry that tells about life before the pandemic hit and where we end up in the future. The story reimagines the future through a traditional children’s bedtime story.

It is beautiful and thoughtful, but more importantly, it provides hope. It fulfills the desire many of us are experiencing to not return to the way things were, but rather to create a new society that fits our needs and potential. It does so without preaching or casting accusations, and pushes us to ponder what we want our world to look like after the pandemic ends.